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We accept pre-orders only (order before 10pm and get delivery next day). We are off on last sunday of every month.

* We have launched our Pasteurised Cow Milk from 1-Nov-2019. Subscribe now by informing at 9560044680 to get inaugural benefits.

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Key Policies

Loyalty & Referral Program & Discounts Policy

1. Referral Discount: Our company believes in making Happy Customers and rely a lot on the referrals from our existing Customers. Appreciating your practice of sharing information about fresh2all with others we made this referral policy. When you refer a friend and your friend places first order with fresh2all, you get Rs. 100 credited in your fresh2all account and the amount is adjusted in your future orders until Rs. 100 is consumed.

2. We have a loyalty program under which Customer gets one (1) Loyalty point for each Rupee spent. The points get accumulated in Customer's account and can be redeemed before check out of the cart for any purchase. These loyalty points never get expired. For redeeming the loyalty points a Customer needs to have a minimum of 200 loyalty points in the account. For every 100 points Customer gets Rs. 5 discount. This discount can be availabled by you without any suport from our company.

3. We take orders minimum one day in advance and keep providing discounts at regular intervals.

4. We can customize our pricing and work separately for Wholesale Customers (restaurants, corporates, guest houses, hotels, school, canteen etc.)

5. At any point of time a Customer can get only one category of discount.

Shipping and Delivery Policy

 1. We will deliver your ordered goods within the Indian Territory (Sectors 24 to 72 in Gurgaon, Haryana) and agressively covering other areas as well within Gurgaon and later expand into other cities.

2. FREE SHIPPING - We do not levy any Shipping Charges for any order value, however we would expect you to be judicious while ordering and avoid multiple small orders on same day.

3. Under regular delivery, we provide the delivery within 2 hours of the time the order is placed if the order is placed between 9am to 6pm. Any order placed after 5pm is not considered for same day delivery. We try our best to deliver in the time slot chosen by the Customer, however the 2 hours time after placing the order still is applicable. 

4. Some / All of the items may be cancelled while processing the order, depending upon the quality / Freshness of goods available on the day of delivery, with prior information / notification to Customer before delivery.

5. If delivery cannot be made to your address for some reasons (beyond/under our control) we will inform you as soon as possible and will try to make one more attempt to deliver the goods to you, if requested by you.

6. Every effort will be made to deliver the goods as per the company's policy, once your order has been accepted. However, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by you through reasonable or unavoidable delay in delivery. In such a scenario, we will inform you of any delay as soon as possible and will give you the option of canceling your order at this point.


Cancellation and Returns Policy

1. We have a "No Questions Asked Cancellation Policy" before the goods are delivered to you.

2. We have a "No Questions Asked Return Policy" if the goods accepted by you are being returned within 4 hours of delivery".

3. For cancelled or returned orders, you have an option to either take refund or use the money from your credit note for future purchases at fresh2all.com without any deductions.

4. You understand and acknowledge that fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life and deteriorates rapidly. Thus, you are required to look into all aspects of the items before making the order. The return of goods shall not be accepted solely on the ground that the goods are not same as the product image displayed on website. You acknowledge that product images are for information only.

5. If you find that the goods received by you are different than your order placed at fresh2all.com, you may not accept the delivery and return the same to the delivery personnel and we shall send the right goods asap.

6. For any concerns on Cancellation, Returns or Refunds, or any other feedback, kindly drop us an email at contact@fresh2all.com or call at 9560044680/9811308585


NOTE: Our Company can change the above policy at its own discretion at any time. Our Company will also provide various promotional schemes from time to time that may not be highlighted here at our website.