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About fresh2all.com

www.fresh2all.com and www.fresh2all.in are owned by FRESH2ALL HEALTHY GROCERS PVT. LTD.

This is a company based in Gurgaon started by trusted group of friends (referred as XtendedFamily) from Haryana, India to provide simple solutions to some of the problems we face.

Initially the problem we are trying to solve is Customers who don't have much time to go and buy fresh fruits and vegetables, are trying to buy them using their mobile like other products however inspite of paying hefty prices, they are not getting the Quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.  For instance how fresh is the vegetable that I just purchased ? From where is this vegetable sourced? Can anyone tell me when was this vegetable/fruit harvested ?
Gradually, as we walk along with you we would like to add other products/services to solve more problems that you face.
We have spent significant time with the farmers who grow fresh fruits and vegetables and find that the farmers are still poor and even though end customers pays hefty prices for getting a fruit/vegetable at their doorsteps, farmer are not making more money.

Our vision is to source all fruits & vegetables directly from the farmers and provide conveniently at your doorsteps by acting as your XtendedFamily and thereby contribute to your objective "Eat Fresh Stay Healthy"
We have already partnered with some farmers to procure fresh vegetables already and we would continue our endeavour to procure more fruits & vegetables directly from farmers to ensure we meet our vision very soon, until then we would procure some of the fresh fruits & vegetables from the mandi. 
We want you to think that you have outsourced the task of buying fresh fruits and vegetables to us and we do this religiously to ensure you get the best at the most competitive prices or even lower than your neighbouring shop or other online stores.
Look forward to serving you everyday !!